June 14, 2024

Amidst the brutality against the Palestinian civilians by the Israeli Defense Force, as per reports, China has deployed its 44th naval escort to the middle east.

During the brutality of Israeli Defense Force against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, up to six Chinese warships have been operating in the Middle East over the past week, according to the Chinese Defense Ministry.

According to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Defense, the 44th Naval Escort Task Force has been in regular operations in the region since May. Last week, they also conducted a joint exercise with the Omani navy during a visit to Oman.

Following the successful completion of its visit to Oman, the Chinese naval escort task force arrived at Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait as scheduled on the morning of October 18. The Chinese Navy group embarked on a five-day visit to Kuwait.

Naval presence of China and US in the middle eastern region

As tensions in the region continued to rise, six Chinese vessels operating in Middle Eastern waters became increasingly significant. The news of Chinese warships in the region comes when the United States is ramping up its presence there to back the Israeli Military.

Following the brutality of Israel on Palestinian civilians, the US has dispatched its most advanced warships and send aid to back Israelis oppressive regime.

The presence of both Chinese and US warships serves as a clear indication of the involvement of these two global powers in the region.

This development comes when tensions have escalated between the two nations due to the Russian – Ukraine conflict, with China aligning itself with Russia against the Western Block.

Yet, the possibility of these two navies directly confronting each other in this region remains relatively low at the moment.


Hamza Hasan

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